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Car Rental Dubai

Car Rental Dubai, on a monthly basis is somewhere above one thousand AED for a good condition, but a small car. When using Car rental Dubai what one can do to save a few hundred AED is to hire a small car from a not so popular car company. In this case, make certain that you check the car thoroughly, as it might be a bit too old and shabby.

People who have just moved to Dubai will be interested in cheap car rental Dubai, as they will have to rent a car for the first month of their stay. This is a much better choice, especially until they get both their residence visa and their driving permit and become familiar with the driving styles in Dubai.

Car rent for a small car per day can be almost a 100 AED. Make sure you negotiate with the car rental agency for paying less than the quoted price. Dubai has a law according to which if you are found involved in some kind of accident resulting in loss of life, then in that case, you are liable to pay somewhere between 150,000-200,000 AED.

This is called “blood money”, and it is given to prevent the faulty person. If you go for some luxury car rental Dubai, then you are going to be insured for that. Your insurance will not be considered in case you are drunk while driving, and meet some kind of accident.

As far as the mileage update is concerned, since the years 2008/2009, the rental car companies that are situated in UAE have introduced mileage limits. These limits are put on a monthly basis, as they are more likely to be used by the locals. It is most beneficial when they have to travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As far as the tourists and the visitors are concerned, it would be more feasible if they found an unlimited mileage short-term rental. Several promotions for car rental in Dubai are also available. Make sure you thoroughly check them out before signing an agreement.

Car Rental facility is also available at the airport for both the tourists and the locals. The airport is situated at a distance of 2.5 miles from the southeast of Dubai. The car Rental facility links directly to the airport road via the east side of the Creek Hotel. Amongst some of the Car Hire Dubai Airport vehicles that are offered are the likes of Mercedes E200, the Nissan Micra automatic and the Nissan Maxima automatic to name a few. Some car rental companies offer very prestigious cars at very economical rates. Along with cheaper rates, the customers are also offered a safe and a comfortable ride. Furthermore, the Car hire Dubai Airport comes with a very good insurance package, which covers things such as the likes of damage and theft.

Make sure that you do a comprehensive search before hiring a car so that not only do you get the right vehicle for you, but also avoid disappointment.

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