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Dubai Islands

The Palm Islands are also popularly known as The Palm Dubai and The Palms. They are considered as being amongst the world’s top three largest man-made islands. These Dubai islands are currently being constructed on the coast of the emirate of Dubai that is in the United Arab Emirates (also referred to as the UAE).

The aforementioned project is being overlooked by the Al Nakheel Properties. They are also known as the Nakheel Corporation. According to general expectations these Islands will increase Dubai’s shoreline by more than seventy miles. Not only this, but it will also aid much in the creation of a large number of residential areas. This proposal had been revealed in the month of May back in the year 2002.

Amongst these three man-made islands, two are entirely man-made and are expected to add much to Dubai’s position as being a premium tourist destination. Several people have claimed that the Dubai islands are the 8th wonder of the world and rightfully so, as all those who see them are duly impressed. Moreover, it is hard to judge from the appearance of these islands that they have been made by man from scratch along the Dubai coastal line. The construction commenced post several years of planning.

To be precise, the development of these islands had taken almost four years of planning and extensive studies that had been conducted in Dubai so that their presence does not in any way have any negative impact on the environment. The initial stage of the development of The Palm Islands had been inclusive of the construction of the land foundations. Further, it also includes both the sand transfer and the rock placement.

After this the next level is going to involve the development of the infrastructure, and an almost three hundred plus meter (that is around a thousand feet) bridge that is going to connect the islands with the mainland. Post the production of the bridge, the construction of houses, townhouses, and apartments is so going to commence.

The three man-made islands are The Palm Island Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah, and The Palm Jebel Ali. They have all been constructed in the shape of date palm trees. The Palm Island Dubai was the initial Dubai Island. It is also built in the shape of a Date Palm Tree as has already been mentioned above. The Palm Island Jumeirah beach has become famous owing to the Burj Al Arab 7 star hotel. This specific island is going to comprise of luxury accommodations that will include not only the hotels, but also villas and apartments to name a few.

The Palm Island Jebel Ali is a free trade zone. Its’ theme is entertainment. It is being planned that several theme parks and numerous leisurely activities will be included in it for entertainments. In terms of size, the Palm Island Jebel Ali is much bigger than the Jumeirah Palm Island. Their beauty is evident from the Dubai Island Pictures that have been given on the internet.

For those who are interested in the purchase of property in the Dubai islands should check out the Dubai islands for sale section on the internet, which has all the necessary information that you require.

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