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Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is a popular city of UAE that is situated on the Persian Gulf. It has several laws according to which there is no charge on trade, and also on foreign savings. It is more popularly known as the “Dubai City”. This helps in distinguishing it from the Emirates overall. It is without doubt, the fastest growing city in the entire world.

There is something epic about it. It’s not just about being the place that has the worlds’ tallest tower, or the place to have the very first seven-star hotel, or even the very first indoor ski slope. However, it is more about those Emiratis who had the sheer power of imagination, and they made Dubai what it is, out of a desert.

Although in the recent period, Dubai has had its share of bad times owing to the global recession, but that is not going to be a deterrent to this city for much longer. Every year visitors stream through Dubai’s latest airport terminal. The latest Dubai travel guide comprises of some of the world’s largest single floor spaces.

It has the biggest shopping center all over the world. In addition, it’s like Dubai plans on becoming the most huge place in the entire world. Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest tower in the entire globe, is in Dubai. It was inaugurated in the month of January in the year 2010, and can be taken as a symbol of Dubai having the ‘the-sky-is-the-limit’ attitude. Today, Dubai is house to several sandy beaches and provides all-night entertainment to its visitors.

The nightlife in Dubai has shown immense improvement in the past decade. Several bars and restaurants have opened. Most of these bars and restaurants offer a traditional English feel. Some have had greater and others less success. Always remember that although the sale of alcohol is permitted, but it is not legal to carry it without a license.

Overall, Dubai is a safe city and its entire development is going to be completed in 2015. Hotels, sports centers, and leisure centers are still being constructed and developed. In simple terms, the first phase is now complete. It offers its visitors five main attractions that are inclusive of the Dubai Outlet Mall, the Al Sahra Desert Resort, and last but not the least, the Dubai Sports City. The underway projects are Tiger Woods-designed golf course, and a park based on the Universal Studios theme.

For moving around, taxi’s are expensive, but are a good mode of transportation. There are the City sponsored Cabs, (which are yellow in color), and then there are the private taxi’s (that can be any color). Haggling would be a good idea if you hire a private cab.

The malls and hotels are all air-conditioned. In fact, carrying around a sweater might be a good idea as air conditioning is on the higher side.

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