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Dubai, one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates, and it is by far, the fastest growing city in the world. It is a very global city with a diverse population of around 2262000. Dubai is known for its building a global environment. The city is a very famous business hub with the business community’s size increasing everyday due to its location on the world map. The land of Dubai is a very global place with an Arabic touch to it.

Dubai has changed over the years and the change was so obvious that it almost astonished the whole world. The emirate of Dubai after joining the UAE went through a complete transformation.

The old Dubai was nothing but a deserted land with a few old buildings standing in its middle. It looked like a lost land to the people who visited it. Who knew it would change so fast and with so much difference. Looking at pictures of old Dubai, no one can tell it is that same place, which is so different today.

The new Dubai is nothing but an example in its own. The city is a web of buildings. The skyscrapers almost crossing the sky leave a mark behind. Dubai’s pictures of today are so different from the pictures of old Dubai that it becomes hard to believe that the city has transformed itself so fast. The metro rail and the Burj Arab are unique examples.

The craziness that hit the city changed it totally. New buildings, malls, islands, and almost everything changed. The pictures of Dubai show the contrasting outlook of streets in 1990 and 2003 that it is hard to believe. The Palm islands, one of the most expensive islands of the world, have changed the way Dubai looks in pictures.

Claiming to be seen from the moon, the pictures of Dubai show a very different Dubai of today. It is the place of everyone’s desires. Dubai is nothing but a true of picture of man’s achievements over the years. The waterfront picture shows how it will leave the waterfronts of the world behind and become one of the best in the world once completed.

Dubai city has undergone drastic changes, and all that in just five years. The difference is quite visible in the pictures. The underwater hotel of Dubai named Hydropolis is one of its kinds.

Dubai has changed so fast that it was hard to keep up with its pace. The city is an example of modern architecture. The architecture is quite visible in the pictures of Dubai with buildings as high as the sky and as twisted as a spiral. It is a remarkable place to be at, projecting all its grandeur and elegance with complete affluence.

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